Inflation-linked bonds

With the growing concerns around potential upcoming inflation, I’ve been wondering if our “money tree” should include additional protection against inflation. I want to avoid decorating the tree with dead matter such as gold or commodities. They may shine for a while, in the long run they’ll just pull down the branches. Equities in the… Continue reading Inflation-linked bonds

Bakfiets Batavus Fier 3

Update 11/01/21: De verwachting is dat de fiets (versie Enviolo) in week 4 geleverd wordt. Er is nog geen nieuws helaas over de huif/regentent, die blijft wel een beetje een must! Update 04/10/21: Helaas, geen Fier 3. Voor nu hebben we de Vogue Superior 3 Deluxe besteld. Naar ons idee echt een stuk minder qua… Continue reading Bakfiets Batavus Fier 3

Spouwmuur isolatie EPS of glaswol

Update 09/09/21: Spouw is vandaag geïsoleerd door Vink. Vooralsnog (zoals verwacht) lijkt alles top gedaan. Update 16/09/21: We gaan in zee met Vink Isolatie Culemborg BV. Eerlijk verhaal. SKGIKOB gecertificeerde parels met een transparante herkomst van grondstof en lijm. Gevelonderhoud expert (dus mochten ze de boel verpesten hebben ze zelf de kennis het goed te… Continue reading Spouwmuur isolatie EPS of glaswol

Postal mail delivery notification using  Hue Motion Sensor

Update 15/07/2021: I decided to leave an old Android phone active in my house for automation. It is set to check the light every 4 minutes. The motion sensor is configured to revert the light to the original state after 7 minutes. MacroDroid will always catch the event, and no longer needs the LampShade plugin… Continue reading Postal mail delivery notification using  Hue Motion Sensor

Bold Smart Lock Automation

Update 20/07/21: It’s actually possible to integrate using e.g. Tasker or MacroDroid and the Bold Smart Lock on Android. If you enable the “Auto activation” feature for your lock, a notification will show when you are nearby the lock. This notification persists until you close it. It also includes the name of your lock. You… Continue reading Bold Smart Lock Automation

Google Nest Wifi

Update 02/05/2021: Somehow the ethernet backhaul is not being used. Initially it worked for a fairly remote router (different building), and after reshuffling things it keeps connecting via WiFi instead of Ethernet. Since the connection is “good” I didn’t bother to try and fix it, however my dad now fot a similar setup and also… Continue reading Google Nest Wifi

WordPress XML-RPC

I like to use the WordPress Android app to quickly edit this site. Whenever I reinstall WordPress, it cannot connect directly and returns a XML-RPC issue claiming support is missing on the server. The solution is to (1) ensure Jetpack plugin is installed on the site, (2) not to connect directly to the site from… Continue reading WordPress XML-RPC