Traveling New Zealand with toddlers

We travelled New Zealand for 8 months with our 2 and 3 year old children. Instead of hiring a campervan, we bought a car and caravan. That choice seemed to be unique, however when spending >5 months in New Zealand I can definitely recommend it!We purchased the caravan from Leasure Imports Ltd in Silverdale (Paul), and a second-hand Hyundai Santa Fe from Manukau Hyundai (Lev). When corona hit and all dealers were closed, Manukau actually arranged for the car to be picked up from the south island and “blindly” provided us a good price!Overall this was very cost effective and with small children the caravan provided more stability whilst traveling as we good to groceries with the car whilst the kids were asleep. The caravan spots are generally also much better positioned at the campgrounds, probably because caravans are only used by Kiwi’s and tend to stay longer.Disadvantage is you always need to pick up your caravan again whilst doing trips, so you move around slower. It only happened around 3 times though where we had wished we brought the caravan to stay at a place we had just driven to for a visit.

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