Avyna vs Akrobat flatlevel trampoline

Update 25/05/2024: Akrobat indicated their own cover has similar issues and offers a 7.5% discount to replace the mat and Avyna cover with their model. At EUR 565,18 that’s quite a lot of money after just 3 years of use (and no guarantee it won’t reoccur). To be continued…

Update: 01/05/2024: Unfortunately the Akrobat mat is damaged where the (Avyna) spring cover touches it. Will reach out to Akrobat.

Update 18/06/2021: After many sunny days, we finally had some rain. The Akrobat mat also stays wet, though the water seems more evenly distributed compared to the Avyna mat. Also it dries a lot more quickly and remains more bouncy. So we are happy with the change!

Update 11/06/2021: At EUR 179, the Akrobat Primus mat was too tempting to resist. Ensure you pick the correct one for the number of springs. It arrived and was quick to install. It is much bouncier than the Avyna mat and appears almost transparent. While water does pool on top, it is less than on Avyna/Berg mats. We will see if this improves with a few weeks of use. Overall, this seems like quite an upgrade. It’s unfortunate, as I loved the Avyna service and friendliness. From now on, I recommend Akrobat (Berg is very similar to Avyna).

Update 15/05/2021: Instead of tape, I now sealed the holes of the Avyna sprong protection with rubber seal, which effectively solves the issue of the cover retaining and releasing water.

Update 30/04/2021: After more rain, the Avyna mat dried quickly without sun, possibly due to a few days of use opening up the mat. Jumping and bounce quality have also improved. However, the outer spring protection still absorbs and releases water. I tried covering the net holes with tape to address this.

Despite these issues, I have no regrets about getting the Avyna. I am still tempted to try the Akrobat mat for comparison, especially since it is quite affordable at EUR 179 (for 430 cm). I will update if I decide to try it.

Update 29/04/2021: I tested a local flatground Berg trampoline, and the water retention was similar to the Avyna. It seems only the Akrobat mat, with its different design, allows water to pass through more easily.

Update 17/04/2021: The Akrobat trampoline mat theoretically fits the Avyna frame (same number of springs and spring length). I am considering purchasing it to resolve the water drainage issues with Avyna and to provide a comparison review here.

Update 14/04/2021: After significant rain, small pools of water remain on the Avyna jumping mat. A friend’s Akrobat trampoline (also flatground) does not have this issue. The Avyna mat also seems less bouncy, possibly due to being continuously wet. The protective outer ring absorbs water, which is released when stepped on. I will continue to update my experiences here.

Original Article:

Choosing a trampoline seemed like a small project, but quickly became overwhelming with the options and pricing. We considered Berg (Champion), Akrobat (Primus), and Avyna (Pro-Line). We chose a round trampoline as we have small children (ages 3 and 4) who love running in circles. We opted for a flat-level trampoline since, in the EU, it doesn’t require a safety net, making it a safer option compared to inground models (20 cm above ground). Although all brands claimed inground trampolines offer similar safety, we felt better going with the officially allowed solution.

We picked the largest model (430 cm), although 365 cm is more common and better balanced. With three kids and a large garden, we preferred the bigger size. The size was a shock when it arrived, even though we had pre-marked the location. Seeing the kids jump around justified the larger size in the end, but for smaller gardens, 365 cm might be better. We had the supplier dig the hole, which took them 9 hours with two people (manually digging), even though we have soft sand and no tree roots.

We chose Avyna because they offer the longest warranty and have a strong focus on safety, including a flat-level safety net with easy closing access (Akrobat has a zipper, and Berg has no safety net for flatground). Avyna’s service was excellent and friendly. The installation was professional, and the quality and jumping experience have been great so far. They brought both grey (which we ordered) and green spring outer protection rings. We initially preferred grey, as it contrasted less with the grass, but it felt too industrial against our green trees. We switched to green, and it looked much better.

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