Avyna vs Akrobat flatlevel trampoline

Update 18/06/2021: After many sunny days we had some rain. The Akrobat mat also stays pretty wet, although it seems more spread out than it was on Avyna.

Update 11/06/2021: At EUR 179 it was too tempting to buy and try the Akrobat Primus mat. You need to ensure you pick the one matching the number of springs. It just arrived and was fairly quick to install. It is MUCH more bouncy than the Avyna mat. Also it looks almost transparent. Water does lay on top though, less than on Avyna/Berg but let’s see if that improves after a few weeks of jumps. So this seems quite an experience upgrade. A shame, as I loved the Avyna service and friendliness. From now on, I’d recommend to go for Akrobat instead though (Berg is very similar to Avyna).

Update 30/04/2021: It has been raining a lot again, and to my surprise the Avyna mat suddenly dried quickly. Without sun. Maybe we had to jump a few days to “open up” the mat? Also jumping/bouncyness has improved. The outer spring protection still sucks up and releases water, I put tape over the net holes to try and solve that.

So no regrets anymore I got an Avyna. Still tempted to try the Akrobat mat to compare though which at EUR 179 (430cm) is actually quite affordable… Not sure how durable it is though. Will update here if I do give it a try!

Update 29/04/2021: I tested a local flatground Berg trampoline, and the water seems to stay similar to Avyna. So only Akrobat with their different mat seems to let water through (much) more easily.

Update 17/4/2021: Theoretically the Akrobat trampoline mat would fit the Avyna frame (same amount of springs and same spring length). I am considering to purchase it to solve the water drainage issues with Avyna, and to add a comparison review here.

Update 14/4/2021: It has been raining quite a bit, and small pools of water remain on the Avyna jumping mat. An Akrobat trampoline owned by a friend (flatground as well) does not have that issue. It seems the Avyna is also not very “bouncy”, but that may be because it has continuously been wet (even when it has been dry outside >12 hours). The protection outer ring also seems to suck up water, which is released again when you step on it. I’ll continue to update my experience here.

Original article:

It seemed like a small project to pick a trampoline, however quickly you get lost in options and shocked by pricing :)Berg (Champion)/Akrobat (Primus)/Avyna (Pro-Line) all seemed good options. We had quickly decided for a round trampoline since we have small kids (3 and 4) that love to run in circles. We then decided for flatlevel, because in EU it’s the only model that doesn’t require a safety net and hence we felt better to go for a safe option instead going for inground (20cm above the ground). All brands did say inground really offers similar safety and that they don’t understand why a safety net is required (and are happy to sell without), still felt better to go for the official allowed solution :)We picked the largest model (430cm). Apparently 365cm is more common and better in balance, however with 3 kids and a fairly large garden we preferred to go bigger. The size was a shock when the trampoline arrived, even though we had premarked the location with cans. Seeing the kids jump around did justify the larger size in the end, but if you don’t have a large garden go for 365cm 😉 We had the supplier dig the hole, and were very glad we didn’t attempt it ourselves! It took them 9 hours with 2 persons (manually digging). And we have soft sand with no tree roots! In the end we picked Avyna because they offer the longest warranty and seem to have strong focus on safety since they offer a flat level safety net with easy closing access (Akrobat has a zipper, Berg has no safety net for flatground at all). Avyna’s service was awesome and friendly. The trampoline installation was done professionally and although I have little experience the quality and jumping seems great so far! They brought both a grey (which we had ordered) and green spring outer protection ring. The grey contrasted less with our grass and was slightly preferred by my wife. It felt too “industrial” to me though, since we have green trees in the background. So we switched to green instead (and next day I was still happy with that!).

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