Burglar alarm using Philips Hue

Update: 05/06/2024: Philips Hue now also has a contact sensor which can be used on doors and windows.

04/05/2022: The sensors keep activating if a cat walks by. So far I have been unable to position them not to activate randomly because of the cats.

After discovering I can read the Philips Hue Motion Sensor activation state as part of my letterbox notification system, I am now building an alarm to detect any intruders in our house.

The basics:

  1. MacroDroid to automate everything
  2. IFTTT widget to toggle the alarm on/off
  3. Philips Hue Motion sensors to detect human activity (ignoring our cats!)
  4. AutoCast to sound an alarm on our Google Nest home speakers
  5. LampShade.io to blink our indoor and outdoor Hue lights
  6. Notification of emergency contacts to check the house

My beta setup is already working. I’ll add screenshot and perhaps a small movie (or at least audio) when things are ready. My first line of defense is Google Nest cameras (outdoor and indoor). And none of our doors accept a key. So this is just another (and the last!) layer to make it less appealing to have entered our house and find out there are no valuables anyway 😉

Now the biggest challenge is the sensitivity of the Hue motion sensors, as the cats keep triggering them even at the lowest sensitivity setting still.

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