Keeping our cats in the garden

Our cats used to live indoor, with a closed outdoor area where we would bring them sometimes.

We have a house with garden now, and are not comfortable having our cats go outside the garden on the roads. The setup that has been working very well for us:

  • Garden has a wire around it (mostly 15cm above ground weaved in the fence, under ground for the driveway) provided by Petsafe Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence™ System PCF-1000-20. This keeps the cats inside the garden (and has been working great)
  • A Tractive GPS tracker to locate the cats when lost. GPS has not been very accurate so far, the remote light and sound did allow to quickly find the cat. I will eventually switch to a Tile sticker and give up the GPS benefits
  • A SureFlap Microchip Dualscan catdoor. Our cats wear the included tag on their “belt”, and can only exit the house when it’s on. The system allows the cats to always enter based on the chip in their skin if they accidentally escaped (and leave only with the collar)
  • A piece of paper (non-electrical!) with our phone number in a metal enclosing
  • A bell to warn birds

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